by Executive Assistant
(Los Angeles)

Those are great tips! I use it for recording replay calls at work. I've never used a computer to phone recording program before, and it sure seems like its going to work great. Plus the two other tips left on here so far, are really great and I plan to use them, when I need to edit a recording.

While I a simple phone system, unable to have two lines in use at the same time, I've found that I am able to record the calls using a little Radioshack call recording module that connects to the computer. While I record I place the handset down, and push the mute button and leave it there to record a replay call. This way, when someone calls the office, I'm able to pause the audacity recording. Put the line on hold. Unmute the mute, and answer the other line. Then I just go back to recording when i'm done with the incoming call.

I am so glad my coworker recommended Audacity. It is simple to use, and the tips you guys left are great.

If you have a phone system like me and can't figure out how to make it work, perhaps my tip will be useful to you.

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