PowerPoint Slide Views

This PowerPoint Slide Views tutorial will demonstrate the ways of viewing slides in the PowerPoint program.

PowerPoint slide views that can be used when designing and editing your presentation.

PowerPoint 2003In the lower left corner of the presentation window are the slide view buttons. Clicking on each will display your slides in a different way.

You can switch from one view to another by using the commands in the View Menu or by clicking the View Buttons in the lower left corner of the presentation window.




PowerPoint Slide Views: The Normal View

In Normal view, you can work with a presentation in three ways: as a text outline by clicking on the Outline Tab in the Outling/Slides Pane; as a set of miniature slides or thumbnails in the Slides View of the Outline/Slides Pane; or as a Slide in the Slide Pane. You can also work on notes in the Notes View.

PowerPoint Normal View


PowerPoint Slide Views: Slide Sorter View

In Slide Sorter view, you can preview your entire presentation as thumbnails. It's very much like one would view photographic slides on a light board or sorter. You can easily rearrange slides and put them in any order by clicking and dragging the thumbnail to a new position.

If titles are hard to read in this view, you can hide the slide formatting by holding down the Alt Key and the mouse button.

PowerPoint Slide Sorter View

You can see more of the slides in the Slide Sorter view by changing the Zoom Factor in the Zoom drop-down window.

Slide Sorter Zoom Out View


PowerPoint Slide Views: Notes view

In Notes View, you can add speaker notes to each slide in the presentation. You can also add notes in the Notes Pane in Normal View, but if you want to add graphics, you must do that in the Notes View.

PowerPoint Normal View


PowerPoint Slide Views: Slide Show View

The last button on the Slide View Buttons area is the Slide Show View button. Clicking on that slide view button fills your monitor with the current slide. This is how the slide would be viewed when giving the presentation.

PowerPoint Slide Show View

Browsing Through the Slides

You can browse through the slides in a presentation by in three ways. You can click the scroll arrows at the top and bottom of the scroll bars or you can Click and Drag the scroll box to move to a specific slide.

To view previous or next slides in the presentation, you can use the Previous Slide or Next Slide Buttons located at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar. You can also press the Page Up or Page Down key to scroll slide by slide.

PowerPoint Normal View

See also the Non-Linear PowerPoint Tutorials for a way to make a great user centered presentation.


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