Free Dreamweaver Tutorial

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The following Free Dreamweaver Tutorials are avaialble to help you learn to use Dreamweaver for Web development. Click on a link below to view each title.

Dreamweaver Video Tutorials:

  Tutorial Title   Duration
  Create a Web Site   3:45
  Customize the Document Window   1:09
  Create an E-mail Link   2:38
  Create a Hyperlink   3:22
  Insert a Special Character   1:34
  Using Named Anchors   3:26
  Change Image Size   1:53

Free Dreamweaver Tutorial Titles

The Dreamweaver 8 Workspace
Overview of the Workspace
Using The Insert Toolbar
Show or Hide Windows
Using the Properties Inspector
Customize the Document Window

Creating a Web Site
Creating a New Web Site
Managing Web Site Definitions

Creating Basic Web Pages
Creating New Web Pages
Opening and Saving Web Pages
Closing Web Pages
Previewing Web Pages in a Browser

Using Text
Add Paragraphs and Headings
Align Paragraphs and Headings
Formatting Text

Inserting Hyperlinks
Create Hyperlinks
Create Named Anchors
Create Email Links
Refresh Pages or Redirect Users
Linking to files

Using Graphics
Image File Types
Inserting Images
Cropping and Resizing Images
Changing the Brightness and Contrast of an Image
Setting Image Properties

Using HTML Tables
About HTML Tables and Table Modes
Inserting Tables
Selecting Tables, Rows, Columns, and Cells
Formatting Tables and Cells
Importing Tabular Data
Using Table Design Schemes to Format a Table
Setting Table Colors

Web Site Management
Managing Links
Changing Links Sitewide
Finding and Fixing Broken Links
Site Reports
Using the Files Panel
Getting and Putting Files
Checking In/Out Files
Synchronizing Local and Remote Sites

Cascading Style Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets
Creating CSS Styles
Defining CSS Styles
Using the CSS Panel
Applying and Removing CSS Styles

Using Layers
Creating Layers
Moving and Resizing Layers
Setting Layer Properties
Nesting Layers
Using the Layers Panel

Creating Behaviors
Default Behaviors in Dreamweaver
Targeting Browser Behaviors
Deleting Behaviors
Downloading Behaviors from the Internet
Creating a Rollover Image

Using Forms
Understanding Forms and Scripts
Creating Forms
Inserting Text Boxes
Inserting Hidden Fields
Inserting Check Boxes
Inserting a Radio Group
Inserting a List Menu
Inserting Jump Menu
Inserting a File Field
Inserting Buttons

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