Insert Special Characters in Dreamweaver

This Dreamweaver tutorial will explain how to insert special characters in your Web page.

When developing your Web pages, there will be times when you want to insert special characters, such as copyright or trademark symbols, currency signs, or other special characters that don't appear on your keyboard. The Text category of the Insert toolbar let you use a variety of symbols and international characters quickly by clicking on an icon.

Dreamweaver Tutorial: Inserting Special Characters

From the menu on the Insert Bar, choose the Text category.

Dreamweaver insert bar

If the Insert bar isn't visible, choose Window > Insert to open it.

Dreamweaver insert bar


Dreamweaver special characters menu

The pallet shown above appears. Many of the options let you add common HTML tags like the <b> bold and <strong> strong tags, headings, lists, etc. Many of these can also be applied using the Property Inspector. The Text panel also features less frequently used tags like <dl> for definition list.

The last option on the Insert Text toolbar is a menu that let's you insert special characters that are not found on the keyboard. There is a wide range of symbols and international characters available. These special characters are represented in your HTML code by a special name or number. For example, a trademark symbol is written in HTML as ™.

When you click on the Characters symbol at the end of the Insert Text toolbar, a menu of special characters will appear like the one on the left.


If the character you want is listed in the menu, simply click on it to place the character in the text of your page. To see other characters, click on the "Other Characters" option as the bottom of the menu.

Dreamweaver special characters menu

The Insert Other Character dialog box will appear with more symbols and special characters.

Click on the character or symbol you want, and notice in the insert box, the HTML code for the selected symbol or character will appear.

In the sample below, the trademark, TM, symbol is selected and the HTML code for the symbol appears in the text box.

Insert special characters code

When you click on the the TM symbol ™ (TM) symbol and click OK. Dreamweaver inserts the ™ code into the Web page.


Special characters dialog box

Inserting Special Characters - Multimedia Tutorial



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